Monday, June 18, 2012

Olde Country Shopping

I've been in Canada for quite some time, but I'm still a Michigan girl. So when we travel back to the Olde Country, a few side trips for stocking up on my favourite Michigan essentials are a must.

Jiffy baking mixes? Check! Giant pretzel rods and oyster crackers? Check! The indescribably delicious Detroit delicacy known as Sanders Milk Chocolate Hot Fudge Sauce? Oh yeah. This is "eat right out of the jar" good stuff. And don't forget the Vernor's Ginger Ale!

The other major non-grocery destination is Joann Fabrics. The store I go to always has a very good selection of quilting fabric, and I cross my fingers on hitting a sale on already (usually) less expensive fabric.

As an added bonus, Joann carries an exclusive line of fabric by Denyse Schmidt. I bought some, of course (the four fabrics on the left), but what caught my eye was this folded and beribboned yard of DS Quilts fabric...

Hey! Four different Fat Quarters printed all on one chunk of fabric! Yes, please!

 Now it's all in the wash en route to The Stash. Can't wait to work with it all. Glorious!


Anonymous said...

Sanders Milk Chocolate Hot Fudge Sauce... Yum! So... How much is left in the jar?

Kallisti Quilts said...

I've seen the four-in-one fabrics from Japanese, Dutch and German manufacturers. I'm surprised this great idea has never caught on with American prints.

Did you ever watch that old game show that involved kids creating baked goods with random ingredients? Their moms had to sample everything and guess which one their kid made. Yum. Corn meal muffins, pretzels, oyster crackers and hot fudge sauce - together at last!

Johanna Masko said...

To KQ- imagine the pretzel rods dipped in the chocolate...

The 4 in 1 prints are such a great idea! I have seen a similar idea with 4 prints on a bolt, but with each print treated as a super-wide vertical stripe. The dimensions of the fat stripe are less ideal to work with, of course. I thought the printed FQ was genius. Interestingly, the little tag said to NOT prewash for best results. I think this is because the chunk had been cut precisely on a printed line, and cut edges can fray like mad in the wash and would probably start fraying into the printed area. I washed it anyway!

Johanna Masko said...

To Zagnut-
It's really more about hoarding the sauce because heaven forbid I should be caught with none in the house!

But there's a half jar of the Bitterweet in the fridge right now... Soooo tasty!