Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stuff With Scraps #6...

...well, not really scraps, but chunks of fabric that I still like, but I'm not in love with.

I am a major fan of the Scrappy Backing. I get to use up fabric that I already have, and create an interesting and unexpected back for my quilt. I dig around the Stash and find chunks that are sort of similar in overall colour and tone, and then I just cut the edges straight and sew it all together. I just keep on going until I can fit my quilt top on it with a little extra all around.

Do I measure it all out and meticulously plan it? No, I do not. I literally throw the fabric chunks on the floor, mix and match and start trimming and sewing.

Check out how many chunks of fabric I used up! And that, my friends, lets me buy more delicious fabric with a clear conscience.