Friday, February 20, 2009


I noticed a while back that Coats & Clark had done a huge overhaul of their threads, with brand-new display racks and a new spool design. C & C thread has always been my favourite thread for general sewing and quilting. I loved visiting the fabric store on a thread-buying mission, and seeing row upon lovely row of delicious colour, made even more appealing with their slight, shiny-cotton sheen.

When the switch-over to the new look happened, many shops tossed all their old C & C spools in clearance bins and marked them down. I stocked up.

Today, after looking through my thread stash and not finding the colour I wanted, I headed out to Fabricland, and bee-lined to the Coats & Clark rack. As I was holding up spools next to my little fabric swatches, I noticed an odd thing- the thread was all sort of dull. No hint of shiny-cotton sheen. Hmmm...

Then I took a closer look, first at the rack labels, then at the paper spool sticker... My beloved Dual Duty was no longer composed of cotton-wrapped polyester, but was now "polyester-wrapped polyester." WHAAAT? The entire display was now 100% polyester!! And dull, dull, DULL!! My choices are now 100% polyester (which boasts the biggest variety of colour), various weights of 100% cotton (not always a fave), and one small section of the old cotton-wrapped polyester, which is labeled for machine quilting, and only comes in a comparatively few colours.

Look at the bigger spool (the dull "polyester-wrapped polyester"- redundant!) compared to the smaller spool (shiny and pretty). Also witness the tragic black "X" on the little spool- the mark of clearanced, unwanted thread!!

I really really liked the old, slightly shiny threads. Why, why, WHY? I'm sure my indignation will fade eventually, but for today, I'm crabby and resentful.

What's the deal, Coats & Clark?!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Things

An envelope from eQuilter is like Christmas, only better!! This Paris print made my heart skip a beat, and I had to jump on it! And there's a few other prints in there, too... ahem...

A trip to Cloverdale Sewing Centre for snaps only resulted in a few other tiny, happiness-making purchases, too. New sewing machine needles- totally necessary. But this little wee tin that houses a measuring tape? Had to have! I'm a sucker for a cute tin!!