Friday, December 28, 2007

...and more Laury...

These images are from Better Homes and Gardens Stitchery and Crafts (1966). The group of dolls are not specifically credited to Jean Ray Laury, but I'm pretty sure they're hers.

Their wonky joyfulness makes me very happy.

The Glory of Laury (sorry!)

Here are a few snaps from Applique Stitchery (1966). The simplicity of the shapes combined with the bold colour are what do it for me. And the directness of her applique stitch, which is a very visible running stitch taken along the edges of her shapes, is refreshing.

How could I not be inspired?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bundle of Joy

Lately I've been leafing through my mother's collection of 60s and 70s craft books, and the patchwork projects that appeal to me most use lots of solid cottons. (Also, the ones I love the most seem to be often designed by Jean Ray Laury. More later...) The solids have since gone out of (quilting) fashion for the most part, and I have a hard time finding quilt shops around that carry a really huge palette of solid colours.

So, during Christmas I went to Michigan to visit my family, and made a side-trip to JoAnn Fabrics on Christmas Eve day. Umm... you know your fabric-buying excursion is going past the point of no return when you fill your cart with bolts for cutting not once, but TWICE...

Solids!! Glorious SOLIDS!! Drink in the spendour!! (And very inexpensive to boot!)

NOW I can explore the wonderful world and inspiring work of Jean Ray Laury, whose 1966 book called Applique Stitchery I just received in the mail after a rare eBay order. This book really speaks to me in a lot of ways, particularly her views on colour, design and craftsmanship, and the use, almost exclusively, of solids. I've been a fan for years, apparently, but never knew her name until recently.

Okay! I have to go wash and press and fold my new-found friends...