Sunday, October 19, 2008

A place for everything...

With new craft obsessions come specialized tools and accoutrements. (And, in my case, random embroidery floss purchases. Can't... resist... pretty colours...) Since I end up stitching in the living room, my supplies should be attractively housed, no?

So... embroidery box! I started with a naked, plain wooden box, painted it, glued on some cut-outs from an old pattern envelope and some Martha Stewart craft paper, and now my stitching supplies are stored in style.

I splashed out and bought a flower-shaped Martha craft punch to use, too. I couldn't help myself. (It is so much fun to play with!)

Obsession du jour

After spending my crafty time this past spring/summer attempting to clear the backlog of incomplete quilty projects, I found myself in need of a breather. Not a non-crafty breather (that's crazy-talk!), but a change-up from patchwork. Something new... cross-stitch and embroidery!

The embroidery and I are getting along like a house on fire, let me tell you. I started off with a wee tiny alphabet sampler, then moved on to two small Halloween projects from the "Just Cross Stitch" Premier Halloween Issue. Now I'm blazing along on a much larger project (which is a gift, so I can't show it) and getting others cued up and ready to roll.

Meanwhile, I also did a freestyle embroidery "sampler" (one floral design that used lots of different stitches), which I really enjoyed working on.

I have to say that thinking about fabrics and threads in a whole new way is a great, gulping lungful of fresh air.