Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Black Wedding Ring

Another UFO completed! The top had been done for who knows how long. I attached a readymade label to the back. My mother had these printed when I first got married and moved to Toronto, and they are my Go To for a quick label. Thanks, Mom!


Suzanna Juby said...

A lovely quilt, as usual. I, too, have a bunch of labels Mom had made for me for when I moved down to Houston. Mom rocks. (Oh, and my bed asked me to ask you for a new quilt, please. 'Cause it's been a while.)

Anonymous said...

I have a wedding ring quilt made for me by my mother. I love your colour combo. I would never have thought of it but it's simply stunning.

Anonymous said...

This is the most beautiful 'Wedding Ring' I've ever seen!!

It's not just beautiful - it's stunning.

Thank you for sharing.

Marny CA