Friday, June 17, 2011


I avoided Foundation Paper Piecing like the plague for a long time. Picking out all the paper after sewing everything was a mind-numbing exercise in tedium. When I'm finished sewing, I want to be DONE. I made a tiny little sample or two, and chucked them aside for the maddening irritation they caused.

I have since had a change of heart. Karyn at the workroom sent me a link to the Twiddletails website. I clicked on it with scepticism.

It was a complete game changer.

This version uses freezer paper as the foundation! You don't pick out bits of paper for hours- you just peel it away! Genius. AND you can see where you are sewing. AND you have nice, neat and even seam allowances.

I designed Houses! and had a really fun time making it. I was so excited that I slammed out all the house blocks in a weekend. And now I'm designing more...


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Alessandra Collar Lipman said...

Really cool! The houses remind me of Laura Stoddart's illustrations.

Lori Kay said...

I'm looking forward to the pattern when it's available!