Tuesday, August 4, 2009


"Her Sampler"! She is finished!!

Whee! A finished cross stitch always supplies a great sense of accomplishment. I think it's the perfect craft when you can only sneak in a few stitches here and there. (Or sit for hours hunched up in the corner of the living room in the wee hours squinting through reading glasses- you know, either way.)

A side note for cross stitchers, from my experience as a custom framer- please leave a nice margin around your images, say three inches or so. If you have your work professionally stretched and framed, the framer will LOVE you if you leave enough extra to work with around the edges. Also, try your best to keep your work nice and clean while you work on it, and press it nicely (from the back) before you take it in. I have seen some dirty, soiled embroidery come through the shop, and it's a real shame they didn't take the time to clean the work beforehand.

Onward! I'm working on stitchy gift for Dad, so I'll be taking a brief break from samplers, which I have decided that I adore. I have a number of them in queue after this- I'd better stitch faster!


Unknown said...

Gorgeous! Adore the signature, and of course, colour palette! Well done!

karen said...

This looks beautiful!!! Amazing work! Great seeing you today, btw. :)

karen said...

ryn: You're right - that IS the name!

Oooh... looking forward to seeing your handpiecing. I was blown away by the blocks you showed me in the summer.

Hopefully see you soon at a class or just around The Workroom.