Monday, March 17, 2008

Un-idle Hands

The idea of being away from thread and fabric for several days makes me a little edgy, so while I was getting stuff together for a weekend trip to Michigan, I was racking my brains for something portable to take along. I scanned the bookshelf for ideas. Hold on a sec... "Stitch Sampler"... let's try that.

With some pretty threads, tools, fabric and the book in hand, I was ready to go. Here's what I did on the weekend.

Unfortunately, I'm hooked now. Mental gears are turning.

Demon: Victorian Crazy Quilt! No wait- a modernist, contemporary crazy quilt with all this gorgeous stitching!

Angel: But all those unfinished projects... Must... stay... focused...

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zarita said...

I like all your character dialog - this post and the one with Nancy...

he he,