Saturday, March 8, 2008

New Tote

I finished this new tote from that swirly, irresistible Ikea fabric! In fact, my sewing room has been a frenzy of activity this week. In my constant zeal to make-make-make, I've amassed quite a collection of half-finished projects. Some of those are demos from classes I've taught, but those are relatively few in number. The simple ugly truth is, most are just UFOs just laying around making me feel guilty and unfocused.

SO! I'm taking control of the situation and completing unfinished projects into finished... things! Three orphaned 9 Patch blocks? You are now a potholder! Random hexagon rosette? You are now also a potholder! (I told my sister to expect a steady stream of random patchwork objects for her home.)

Huge group of really nice little 9 Patch blocks? You are now all together and will become a throw for my couch! And the strips are the result of me fishing through all my scrap collections, finding everything blue-ish and green, and sewing them all together. These will somehow live with the 9 Patch group in the same throw, I think. One bag of scraps used up, only a million more to go! Eat my dust, scraps!!


Anonymous said...

Jealous, everyone? -- The Gloating Sister

orange you lucky! said...

I really like the tote!
I've go a sewing machine for christmas and it's currently collecting dust. I got to find time to make some totes and other fun things!