Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tutorial: Salad Bowl Pincushion

By popular demand (well, two or three of you), here's my first tutorial. I started off with a straight-sided wooden salad bowl, but with some creative tweaking and glue, you could use other shapes as well.

1. Sew a couple layers of tightly woven fabric into a circle that will fit inside the bottom of the bowl. I used the bowl as a template and did two lines of stitching. Leave a small opening and fill with sand. Glue the opening closed.

2. Cut 2 circles of very thick felt, using the bowl as a template. I had some industrial felt- the thick stuff used to line winter boots. My circles were too big to begin with, so I kept trimming until they would fit snugly into the top of the bowl.

3. Using your felt circles as a template, cut 2 circles of thin quilt batting about a 1/2" to 3/4" bigger all around than the felt (eyeball it), then cut a circle of your top fabric 1/2" bigger than the batting. On one pincushion I made, I stitched the batting around the edge to attach it to the top fabric, and on the other one I didn't bother. Either way worked OK.


1. Put in your sandbag into the bottom of the bowl. Give it a shake to even out the layer of sand.

2. Fit your 2 felt circles into the bowl on top of the sandbag.

3. Position your layered batting and fabric on top of the felt.

4. Using a wooden craft stick (popsicle stick), tuck the fabric/batting around the sides of the felt.

Voila!! Finished pincushion! And since nothing is glued in, you can change out the fabric when it starts looking tired. Yay!


meg said...

fantastic! thank you.
where did you get the industrial felt?!

Marnie said...

dude, congrats on your first tutorial. now, go and change your formatting so I can link to actually posts! That way I can email people (like, say, whip-up :-) and tell them about it!!!!

Johanna Masko said...

Meg: I got the industrial felt a place that makes it. I walked in and it smelled like wet warm wool. It was an off-cut scrap they had and it was pretty cheap. I originally bought it to make a slipper project from Threads magazine several years ago, but never made them. The place is called Brand Felt of Canada in Mississauga, Ontario. Their website is:

phone #: 905 279 6680

There is a heading in the Yellow Pages for "FELT & FELT PRODUCTS" and I found them there. Who knew?

Jen said...

Great tutorial. Where did you find the small straight sided wooden bowls?

Johanna Masko said...

I found the bowls at a garage sale and also some at Value Village. Check the Housewares aisle- lots of old wooden kitcheny things there. (Probably next to an orange fondue pot.)

Michele said...

That is awesome!

tinuvielp said...


Linda said...

Interesting to know.