Friday, March 25, 2011

Un-sexy Scraps

Here is a confession. No. Strike that. A declaration- I do not have a gorgeously arranged, carefully organized scrap stash.

Why am I mentioning it at all? Just a little reassurance that beauty can indeed be made out of chaos. There are as many kinds of quilters as there are quilts, and some are highly organized, and I totally honour that. I am organized in my own way for the bulk (and I mean BULK) of my stash, but scraps? They get collected in a reusable shopping bag that hangs from the back of my sewing chair, and then sometimes, for fun, I dump them all out on the floor and sort by colour. Then they get stuffed back into bags (reused Ziplocs, old gift bags) that roughly represent a broad colour group and then they wait for me to paw through looking for a gem.

I have mentally established a minimum size that I will use to determine if a scrap is actually useable. That size is about the size of a playing card. If it does not meet this minimum size, out it goes. Will I ever use a skinny selvage that I trimmed off a fat quarter? Really? No, I won't. I'm all for frugality, but even my thriftiness has its limits. I don't want bags of miniscule scraps lurking around making me feel guilty.

And that is my highly specialized system for Scrap Management.


xraevision said...

I am fascinated by how other hard core quilters "organize" their scraps. I keep everything that measures an inch and a half square or larger. Seriously. And I use them eventually.

Lately, I started bagging Japanese fabric selvages for a customer, and five quilts later, I had accumulated a full grocery bag. I can't wait to see the art she creates from what everyone else throws away.

Whatever you're doing works. Keep it up!!!

Regina said...

Thanks for sharing! I put my scraps pretty much anywhere so yeah mine are a mess. I don't have a lot so it's not too scary yet.

I try to keep my selvages. I have no plans on using them so I figure when I get a lot I'll just give them away on my blog to someone who wants them. I had no idea how cherished they were until my sister in law mentioned it.