Monday, March 21, 2011


I've been on an embroidery rampage lately.

I got onto cross stitch a few years back, as my go-to stitching during times of "lost quilting mojo." It happens, and it seems to happen seasonally, right around the end of June and lasts until Labour Day. Anyway, feeling the need to branch out and embrace all that might possibly involve the use of embroidery floss, I've begun to do "free embroidery" or "surface embroidery."

I can tell you: it is a LOT of fun. The satin stitch, especially, is very gratifying, both in the execution and in the finished stitches.

This little hanky ended up with my mom. The design is from "Embroidery Companion" book by Alicia Paulson. Lovely book.

(I do some work as a custom framer, and any needlework that comes through the shop needing to be stretched and framed is referred to as a "stitchy/pin" on our work order sheets. So, this little embroidery is a "stitchy.")


Alessandra White said...

So perfect and lovely! Keep up the stitchy goodness!

xraevision said...

So pretty. I can't wait to see more. I have a Japanese book that includes some modern stitchery. Perhaps you would like to borrow it and further expand your embroidery vision.

karyn said...

yay. i wanna make cute hankies with stitchy too!