Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Liberty at last!

I bought this delightful little bag from the equally delightful Claire of Needlebook blog fame. I spotted this bag in her suitcase of goodies at the workroom and City of Craft Valentine Trunk Show event this past Sunday.

Way back in May 2006 I bought this issue of Everyday Food just for the pictures of the background fabrics. Of course, I searched everywhere for this print and couldn't find it anywhere to buy for myself. Then Sunday! Yay!! The bag was a must-have.

Now if I could just find this one, too...


Claire Louise Milne said...

I couldn't believe you bought the magazine for the same reason I did. Ha! I'm happy you like your new pouch.

Also, I've tagged you:
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orange you lucky! said...

I totally understand! That background pattern is awesome!