Monday, February 25, 2008

I've been tagged.

I've been tagged by Claire from Needlebook! I feel like a real, live blogger now!

Okay, you know the drill- here's 7 interesting (or not) facts about me. Ready?

  1. I "collect" U.S. presidential sightings. I've seen Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush #1 and Clinton. I still need to get an in-person visual on Bush #2.
  2. Webbed toes run in my family. That's the second and third toes stuck together like little Siamese Twins. My dad and sister have them. Cool!
  3. I'm a dual citizen (U.S. and Canadian).
  4. Tragically, I'm unable to wear bangs (and believe me, I've tried!).
  5. When I have a lot of fabric cut at the fabric store, I insist on folding the pieces myself. Because I am particular. Staff are usually slightly puzzled at first, then glad for having less work. See? Win-win!
  6. Moving-to-Canada culture shock moment: Milk in a bag. Whaaa...?
  7. Michigan relatives think I sound Canadian. Canadian friends will sometimes point out an occasional Michigan twang. Maybe I should adopt an obviously fake British accent and be done with it. Like Britney Spears.
And there you have it.

And since those I would have tagged have pretty much all been tagged themselves lately, the Tagging Buck will stop here...

...except for Ally! Superb figurative sculptural artist, vintage-inspired craftster and my "talk me down from the creative ledge" friend since college. Check 'er out!

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