Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Letter

Dear Baby-Shower Givers,

We share in the happy anticipation of the arrival of this special bundle of joy with you! This baby couldn’t ask for more wonderful parents. However, two weeks notice is insufficient time to inform those guests who might be quilters. We want to make this baby something cozy, colourful, and comforting, and we need time to make this token of our affection. Given the time constraints, we must pare down our artistic vision.

Squares. The quilt will be squares. Not adorable appliqué, nor whimsical pinwheels, or anything else that can’t be cut and sewn marathon-style. They will be lovely, thoughtfully selected and placed squares, but squares nonetheless. We hope you understand.

We will see you at the shower, on time and with gift wrapped in a bulky, tell-tale bundle. When it’s opened, we hope to please the expectant mother, and some ooh’s and aah’s would be nice, too. And tears of happy joy at the awesomeness of handmade love in blanket form wouldn’t hurt either.


Johanna Masko and Daughter

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Alessandra White said...

You could always give her an IOU for something more fancy... We love our special quilts you made for our girls!