Friday, July 24, 2009

Stuff With Scraps #5

I have been obsessing over finding the perfect snap coin purse for a long time.  I had a great one for a while- it was leather, the ideal size- but I lost it somehow.

Years pass.

I start teaching (and shopping!) regularly at the workroom.  One day...

"What's this?  Metal purse frames?!  I could make my own coin purse?!"  This idea cooked in my brain for quite some time.  This week, after realizing that I would not be able to attend Reva's Snap Coin Purse class, which I've been wanting to take for ages (drat!), I decided to take matters into my own hands.

It's not perfect, that's for sure, but look how cute!  I'm sure Reva has some tips that would make it all come out even better.  The hex patchwork is from a chunk of it I made last year.  The fabrics are all Japanese scraps leftover from when a friend was finished cutting out the pieces for her quilt. ("Umm, are you going to throw those out?")

I will now pay for all cash purchases with exact change just so I can show it off.


Michelle said...

*gasp* You did NOT just make this! Oh wait, of course you did! It's SO adorable! Precious what we can make out of other people's garbage can scraps. (Ummm, you're not throwing those one inch pieces OUT, are you?!!)

karyn said...

well what do we have here? ANOTHER post? yipee! and that little purse is a cutie! perfect use for your sweet hexagons!

Alessandra White said...

Really great! Love it.