Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Black Creek Pioneer Village!

School's out!  June end-of-school madness is OVER!  Yaaaay!!

To celebrate, I took my daughter to Toronto's Black Creek Pioneer Village.  Of course, there was quite a bit of quilty goodness there.  Check out these lovely old Log Cabin quilts!

The first one was in the building with the man making brooms.  He informed me that the Log Cabin design was considered a manly one for a quilt.  It is very scrappy (then again, they all were), with the logs about a half an inch wide, six deep all around the centres- hefty and substantial with all that wool.

The next one I found had traditional red centres.  I couldn't get my grabby paws on it, though.

And look!  A Log Cabin puzzle for kids!  This was part of a hands-on exhibit.  I love how under each "patch" there is a little title of where the fabric came from.  So smart!

I'm really looking forward to teaching my Log Cabin workshop at the workroom this month!  Seeing all these old lovelies was extra inspiring.


karyn said...

it's like christmas when you post on your blog. i'm super inspired and excited to do some log cabins. i looove those colours.

Michelle said...

LOVE the old Log Cabin - it will always be my favourite pattern. I just splurged on a book called Lost Crafts: Rediscovering Traditional Skills by Una McGovern, which contains a thin chapter on patchwork and quilting. According to research, quilting has gone the way of thatching roofs, skinning rabbits and navigating by stars.

Alessandra White said...

Great pictures! Good thing you took your camera, you never know where you will come across blog-worthy stuff.