Friday, November 7, 2008

Janome love

Remember this?

This quilt is the one I was honoured with a Judge's Choice award from fibre artist Anna Hergert at the 2008 CQA National Juried Show. Since Janome sponsored the award, my quilt is now on view on the Janome Canada website! Yay Janome! And thanks!


Marnie said...

oh wow! a crazy number of people are going to see that! i'm so going to show people the webpage and brag that i know you :-)
you must be pleased as punch!

rosalyn said...

congratulations! that's so awesome!! :)
ps. i'll be missing thursday evenings

Lauren said...

This is stunning!
Thanks again for such an amazing class last night - I have been singing your praises all morning to anyone who will listen. See you next Thursday.

vanessaann said...

wow, i love your blog! so many cute things. i think my favorite are the log cabin pillows! super cute!