Saturday, September 20, 2008

9 Patch class!

Hello, all! Back at last, after all the start-of-school rush and bustle.

I can't believe my three-week 9 Patch class at the workroom is already finished; it just started! What a lot of fun! I get a huge kick out of seeing what fabrics students bring in to work with. Everyone came away with a really lovely quilt, including Josephine, who blew me away with her sheer ambitiousness and the joyful and unexpected choice of classic red and white gingham for her background. This baby is quadruple the size of the class sample!

You GO, Josephine! Well done!


karyn said...

i am still impressed with that red gingham choice... i'd really like to make a quilted picnic blanket using the classic red gingham idea... i'm pretty sure dory was working on something just like that.

Josephine Stanley said...

Hi Joanne!
I came across your blog and I saw my quilt!!!! I love it!!! I'm still amazed that I made it!!!
It's been a pleasure taking a class with you and I learned so much about quilt making!