Friday, July 25, 2008

Glutton for Punishment

I found another craft book from the seventies the other day; lots of crafty goodness. The Patchwork section has directions for Cathedral Windows patchwork. So, it looking to be fiddly and hateful and taking-forever-to-make, I decided to try it!

Behold! The Sample! For scale, those Japanese indigo squares are just shy of 2 inches square to begin with. It was indeed fiddly to make, but the effect is really cool. I did manage to find a little shortcut toward the end (of course). This will probably end up being a pillow. I know, not very creative, but do I really need a teacozy? Do I want to make it into a panel for a bag of some sort? No and no. So, pillow it is, but I'm open to suggestions.

Cathedral Windows Patchwork Beast: slapped and tamed.


Alessandra White said...

This came out really beautifully, and the Japanese prints are perfect for the technique.

Check out the look of utter fulfillment on the cover lady's face - her pose is almost yoga-like! And please tell me that butterfly wing is made from lentils... Love me some 70's!

Johanna Masko said...


And yes, Ally! Those are indeed lentils!! Good eye, and I love me some Seventies, too!!
(And trust me, I was feeling less than yoga-like figuring out how to do this.)

Natalie said...

Oh my gosh, that is INSANE! All of it; the design, the raised pattern parts, and the 70s! Ha! I don't know if it's because of the dimensions you've created the sample in, or just the way the panel mimics a cathedral window, but I can see this as a panel to an armoire door, a (padded) covering for a small chest (which could be used as a seat), or with many panels, to create a standing screen of some kind. (I know this is just a small one, but if it were made on a larger scale). Would be neat to have some of the patches be pockets, so little notes or notions could be stuffed into them, and then have the quilt service as a bulletin board of some kind. Absolutely wonderful! Well done!

karyn said...

i've seen the cathedral windows before, i like the look. so, i take it that this is not the new 'english paper piecing' in your life?

Claire Louise Milne said...

I love the way you did them, nice prints. That will make a beautiful pillow!

OR you could make a stunning 1970s vest. And I do mean stunning.